Treatment for piles


Kshar Sutra is a medicated thread (seton) coated with herbal Alkaline drugs like Apamarga (Ash of Achyranthusaspera), Snuhi (Euphorbia neriifolia) latex and Haridra (Curcuma longa) powder in a specific order. This combination of medicines on the thread helps in debridement and lysis of tissues, exerts antifungal, anti bacterial, and anti inflammatory actions. Another mechanism proposed for the Kshara Sutra is that it destroys the residual glands in the epithelium.

The introduction ofkshara sutra into the fistulous track is capable of dissolving the tough fibrous tissue and ultimately draining it out creating a healthy base for healing. Its gradual and sustained chemical action not only removes the debris from the site of fistula but it also helps in encouraging fresh healthy granulation thereby inducing a long awaited healing pattern in the depth of tissues. The method has now been very well tried at many ayurvedic& modern surgical centres in India & abroad and the results have been reproduced showing efficiency. The kshara sutra treatment of fistula-in-ano is now an accepted technique &also found a place in the text books of colorectal surgery.

Speciality of KSHARA SUTRA therapy :

  • It’s a day care procedure.
  • Safe and comparatively simple parasurgical procedures.
  • Very minimal pain experienced compared to other surgical procedure.
  • Negligible amount of bleeding throughout the procedure.
  • This procedure is generally carried out under local anaesthesia. Hence we can avoid the complications of spinal/general anaesthesia.
  • No need for post-op daily dressing, so no suffering of pain.
  • Best suited for working class as it is early ambulatory.
  • Very minimal recurrence of treated diseases.
  • It helps is cutting, curetting, draining and healing of the fistulous track.
  • Facilitate in drainage of pus in fistulous tract and help in healing.
  • It destroys and removes unhealthy tissue and promotes healing of the fistulous track due to caustic action.
  • As there is no open wound, patient can go for regular work immediately from next day of surgery.
  • Complications of surgeries like incontinence, stenosis and stricture are not noticed.
  • No open wound, hence very minimal chances of infection.
  • Best suited for diabetic, hypertensive, anaemia, geriatric cases(old age), Ischemic heart disease,colitis,tuberculosis patients.

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