Hospital Profile

Sadguru Plies Clinic was started with dream of providing complete care & cure for ano-rectal disorders. Irrespective of severity of disease, economical status of the patient, `SADGURU PILES CLINIC’ is providing treatment for every-one.

Since 10 years Dr. Venkatakrishna K.V. the main pillar of our hospital is working hard to give best Ayurveda treatment in this region. Because of his committed work and empathy SRI SADGURU CHIKITSALAYA has treated thousands of patients suffering from different disorders through PANCHAKARMA & other supportive therapies. In OPD, every year he was getting increasing number of ano-rectal patients. Hence with dream to provide multi-disciplinary facility centre for ANO-RECTAL care he has started SADGURU PILES CLINIC with team of doctors. It is an unique centre which provides relief to piles patients through different techniques, with almost affordability and less complications.

In last 5 years we have diagnosed and treated more than 5000 cases. About 1000 patients were treated with surgical or non-surgical methods. Our hospital is emphasizing principles of Ayurveda as well as modern surgery.

  • Through special technique called CRYOSURGERY, piles patients are being treated with minimal pain and almost nil complications. More over this procedure can be done on outpatient basis with only 4-6 hrs of hospital stay.
  • Age old method KSHARA SUTRA contributed by Acharya Sushruta, world`s first plastic surgeon, now accepted globally and approved by WHO, is practiced in acute, chronic and recurrent fistulas.
  • We are also practising many Ayurvedic non-surgical procedures which are mentioned especially for PILES. Our moto is to provide complete cure for the sufferers under single roof.
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