At Sadguru Piles Clinic , we offer both inpatient and outpatient services with modern facilities. We have developed specialized treatment modules on an individual basis.

  • OT specially for ano-rectal cases
  • Kshara sutra therapy for fistula-in-ano and pilonidal sinus
  • CRYOSURGERY a renowned technique for pain less, less bleeding, piles cure
  • Pratisaranakshara method of treatment
  • Both male & female PROCTOLOGIST (ano-rectal specialist/piles specialist) for respective patients
  • Ayurveda pharmacy
  • General wards
  • Private rooms with AC
  • Trained, experienced and dedicated male & female staff
  • Para surgical procedures of Ayurveda & modern science for the treatment of piles.
  • Non-invasive methods of Ayurveda & modern science to treat ano-rectal disorders in their initial stage. These are also helpful for those, who are unfit for regular surgical procedures.
  • Special treatments for geriatric piles cases (old age problems) and for constipation & other symptoms in elderly persons
  • Palliative therapies (internal medicines) for ano-rectal cases like piles, fissure, itching per anum, IBS, Crohn`s disease etc.
  • Consultation for life style & ayurvedic dietary changes to cure piles.
  • Advice on life style & dietary changes to prevent the diseases of ano-rectal region
  • Guidance to identify the prodromal symptoms of PILES and precautions to be taken to avoid further prognosis of disease.

We also have round the clock security, Mini-Library where you can read newspapers, magazines and spiritual books, Wi-Fi internet facility and cable television, pharmacy, kitchen, and many other facilities at affordable price.

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