Ropana Basti :

  • Here small amount of medicated oil is pushed inside the anus by using very small sized catheter. This oil will be an excellent wound healer.
  • This procedure is more helpful to reduce the pain & burning of the fissure-in-ano.
  • Commonly carried out for 5-7 days. From 2nd or 3rd day itself patient gets relieved of pain & burning
  • This will take only 10-15 min.
  • This Ayurvedic therapy is absolutely painless

Guda Pichu / Guda varti :

  • It is also a pain less therapy especially for acute fissure-in-ano.
  • Here medicated wick is inserted in to anus.
  • Duration of treatment is 5days.

Pratisarana Kshara karma :

  • Here alkaline herbo-mineral medicine is applied over affected part.
  • This is a day-care procedure; patient is required to be in hospital for 6hrs.

Basti :

  • Here medicated oil is pushed into the anus. Quantity of oil is more than that of Ropanabasti. Very effective treatment according to Ayurveda especially for haemorrhoids caused by chronic constipation.
  • This is best treatment option for constipation, particularly in old age.

Jalaukavacharana(Leach Therapy) :

  • Here leach is used to remove the collected blood inside inflamed haemorrhoidal mass.
  • This is also a painless day-care procedure.
  • Time required is 30-45 min. Then after observational period of 30 min patient is sent home.
  • Irrespective of age and health condition this treatment can be done.
  • It is especially useful in diabetic patients who are unfit for surgery.

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